Who we are,
who we were,
who whe are not


Every organization has a story. We have ours, started in 2010 from zero, to always offer support, preserve the territory, protect it, promote it.

We fell many times, we always stood up again and today we live our new life!

Happy to have been a part and contributing to the success of the event! This proves the existence in the territory of skills and knowledge for the development of cultural and tour services of quality


How we started and the new beginning


With the territory in our heart. This was the start. Without a destination but with the will of doing something for the community. A dormant identity, but still shy, so we had to choose a starting point: we live in a land of wonderful lakes… let’s clean them!

So there it goes, we are the ones who went to clean the coasts of the Nemi lake, because they were used by criminals as a dump for bulky and dangerous waste;  

We are the ones who supported the environmental battle against incinerators and waste;

We are the ones who, for a long time, perhaps two or three years, remained inactive because volunteer forces, you know, are cyclic.

So that was it, demolishing and rebuilding

So we were the ones that “the territory must be cleaned”, but also promoted, but not only ours, all the ones that needed support. 

So we started food donations and fundraisers for Amatrice and the areas hit by the earthquake;

Then the book crossing and toy donations for the children of an immigration center.

Maybe it was not enough, but then the new evolution, although not before becoming the ones of “Un altro mondo, un’altra vita”, another world, another life, which we wanted others to live. So we donated diving licenses do the disabled, through the courses we organized with the help of expert instructors. 

Then tourism, or better the study and promotion of the territory.

First for the families that do not always have the opportunity of doing something creative and fun but still educational also with their kids. “Che storia!” was born, a series of tours designed for families.

We called licensed and prepared guides, or better, one of them, Nicoletta Giannini, became our president. She designed “Che storia!”, which then also became “Why don’t we take people to the Vatican Museums and allow them to visit them at night, when everything is more magical?”

So that’s how it went, but meanwhile we also took people to enchanted places, even in the guts of the world, inside one of the most ancient aqueducts, the emissary of the Nemi lake

We realized that we were good at it, we were able of highlighting what surrounds us. So let’s promote it to everyone by living it: the Photo Marathon of Castelli Romani (www.fotomaratonacastelliromani.it) became a photo contest for amateur and professional photographers, collecting in two editions over 200 hundred participants and 600 shots of the Lazio region.

Meanwhile: ”Hello?”

“Yes, who’s there?”

“We need to organize a training day, a team building event for American Express and we would like your support because we heard good things about you”

“Perhaps they made a mistake or told you something silly. But we will be there”

To the side you will find the result of this conversation.

In 2021, after a pandemic that put everyone on their knees, with the need to lift people, encourage social interactions, community and places, comes the new generation of “La Fonte”.

Alba Serino joins our family, she who shouts out the existence of Tuscia, another enchanted place that is often unknown and unexplored. 

Nicoletta and Alba met doing research. And between a “sure, but I would really like to talk about it also outside of here” and a “these splendid places are missing a voice” they recognized in each other the same vision of promotion of their beloved territories. So they decided that this was the perfect time to do something together, like they had been saying for a while. There it goes. Let’s link everything together, let’s create a dialogue between Castelli Romani, Tuscia and Rome, the most beautiful capital of the world. 

We changed logo, we renovated, we created the website you are now reading.

The goal: promoting the wonders of our land by focusing on people, on their right to relax and think of nothing, donating them unforgettable emotions so that they will come back but also tell the world about their experience.


Pulizia del Lago di Nemi
Sostegno ad Amatrice
Raccolta giocattoli bisognosi
Un altro mondo, un'altra vita
Che storia
Visitare i musei vaticani

Il miglior Team Building degli ultimi 5 anni

Amministratore delegato Payback Italia

Archaeologist specialized in medieval archaeology and data management, who took part in many national and international research projects. For years she has dedicated herself to the creation of itineraries for the promotion of territories. Since 2011 she is a tour guide with license issued by the Lazio Region and since 2014 she is a museum educator in the Vatican State.

Nicoletta Giannini

Archaeologist specialized in museum promotion with national and international experience in the communication of culture. Since 2015 she creates, manages and promotes projects for the promotion of places of art, through art exhibitions, theater events and museum education for Italians and foreigners. She is a tour guide with a license issued by the Lazio region.

Alba Serino