Exclusive experiences in Rome and the Lazio region 

Away from the noise, lines and mass tourism, live unique experiences while discovering extraordinary places and people. 

Visit the Sistine Chapel, explore the Wine route passing through the Roman Campagna from cellar to cellar and then unfurl your sails to reach the fascinating Pontine Islands.

Can you imagine such an experience?

Discovering Rome and its alleys of timeless charm


Rome has been since always one of the most high-profile and desired destinations in the world. A city of endless beauty and incomparable charm, thanks to its history of thousands of years and the numerous monuments and masterpieces you will see wherever you direct your gaze. A city that lives and breathes through every single corner.

It is how you will visit it that will make the biggest difference in the world

What to see in Rome, then? 

Even the most known places, the pretentious and crowded ones, can turn into a unique and unmissable experience dedicated to you. Try imagining how it would be to visit the Vatican Museums in harmony with your time and needs, skipping the line and feeling moved while wandering around one of the hidden sections of the museum, which will be opened just for you

Each brick, stone, street, tree carries infinite stories to tell and always holds surprises. Just like a passionate love story, even when you think you know her, that you saw everything, that you understand her, it happens that She, the Eternal City, amazes you one more time. She reveals herself more beautiful than ever, seductive, enthralling, but also cursed

Perhaps, just by entering an alley, one that you had never accessed before, to which you had never given a chance, there, right there, it is exactly there that it happens. Your own story begins, where you are the star and Rome allows you to feel closer to her. 

Take a walk at sunset, following the footprints of the Renaissance artists Bernini and Borromini and the hints of their legendary rivalry;

Visit exclusive places closed to the regular public, where you will be free from crowds and lines;

Lose yourself in one of the most beautiful Baroque residences of Italy or live for a day the life of princess Isabelle

These are only some of the opportunities you deserve. They are designed for you, and they make the true difference between a simply nice experience and one you cannot forget.

We will take you among ruins of an ancient city, or of a medieval one. It will be a day of diving into the magnificent archaeological urban areas with expert guides from academia, exceptional experts ready to satisfy your curiosity.

You will be able to visit the Colosseum with a guide that will dedicate all of his or her time to you and will take you back to the time of gladiators.

You will be able to explore the hidden undergrounds of Rome and the Catacombs,

Be surprised by the secret district hidden behind the street of ‘via delle Botteghe Oscure’.

Turn your visit into your own experience. Feel seduced by the charm of the Eternal City. 

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Lazio: a region worth discovering


Rome is also the ideal starting point for exploring the Lazio region. A land rich of things to see, full of traditions and culture, formed by breathtaking landscapes and picturesque towns. A territory to be experienced. 

What can you do outside of Rome?

Explore a Unesco World Heritage beechwood.

Walk on the Via Sacra

Do yoga while overlooking one of the most charming lakes of Italy

Visit the summer residence of the Pope and have lunch in his gardens

Treat your palate with flavors coming from centuries-old traditions.  

Did you know that in a forest a few kilometers from Rome is an abandoned city, which is unmarked on maps? Or that one of the most evocative parks of these lands is tied to Salvador Dalí?

Come explore with us the places that moved the artists from the Grand Tour or the places that left Dante and Pasolini breathless. Dive into the gardens and historical mansions of one of the most elegant areas of the Roman Campagna. 

And if you wish to unwind, recharge and get rid of the hustle and bustle, we will take you to discover breathtaking landscapes, in total relax, all wellness and outdoor life.

Because the Lazio region is also this: a land where to lose yourself across places untouched by men, natural areas, lakes and beaches.

Would you like to explore historical cities without giving up the crystal-clear water of the seaside? The Lazio region will surprise you once more.