Visit Rome and the Lazio region with your whole family

Explore the wonders of the region through the eyes of a child

You chose a tour in Rome or in the Lazio region with your entire family: what a wonderful idea!

Make it special!


What to do with the family in Rome and in the Lazio region


Finding family tours in Rome and in the Lazio region may seem to many the beginning of a lot of stress. This is such a vast territory that it is not easy to choose what to do with the family in the Eternal City and in the Lazio area. The risk is especially of bumping into a stressful tour-de-force that in the end does not allow you to enjoy the unforgettable emotions that these places can offer.

But you had a fantastic idea, wanting your kids to know the Eternal City, and if they do it in a fun way, it’s even better, right?

You also deserve your own relax, without giving up the opportunity of visiting the magical places surrounding you.

For this reason, we thought of custom-made itineraries for the whole family or even only for the kids, while you spoil yourself with our exclusive tours.

Discover the best museums for kids in the Lazio region

The Lazio region is rich of places that are great for children, teenagers and families.

Rome, between archaeology, monuments and nature, is the perfect playground for many fun cultural activities!

You can dress up as a gladiator in the Colosseum and win the battle against a ferocious lion.

You can explore the house of princess Alice and discover the colorful world of the Belle Époque in the Boncompagni Ludovisi museum near via Veneto, just a few steps away from the green Villa Borghese gardens.

And have you ever launched yourself on chasing mysterious clues in the Vatican Museums across the works by Michelangelo and Raffaello?

Not far from the Eternal City are hidden just as many museums ideal for the family.

In the beautiful Tuscia, there are so many secrets to discover along the wall paintings of the Farnese Palace in Caprarola and a treasure hunt will not allow you to miss even one!

We also heard that the Pegasus in the Villa Lante gardens in Bagnaia will let you pass only after solving one of his impossible riddles…

Visitare roma e il lazio con la famiglia
tour per famiglie a roma e nel lazio
Visitare il Lazio con la famiglia

Outdoor family activities


You will remain speechless while walking around the most evocative places in the Lazio region.

In Rome, we will give you the best tips to become the greatest Auriga that the Circus Maximus ever had.

You will be able to march like a proud legionnaire to the top of the Aventine Hill, a place wrapped in legends and optical illusions! We will start a journey across the city armed with a map and a compass, in search of stone animals through fountains and enchanting buildings, or of your favorite mural in the Tufello or Tor Marancia districts, turning into real street art experts.

Roll up your sleeves because after Rome, you will have to rebuild the Cosmatesque floors of the Viterbo cathedral, as long as you manage to find a mysterious key lost in the labyrinth of alleys in the San Pellegrino quarter

And if you are in the mood of chatting with fairies, follow us to the Sasseto forest, passing through Civita di Bagnoregio, the town that seems to be flying over the clouds!