Authentic Lazio:

a sensory journey across the wine and food traditions of the land

Listen to the sound of roasting chestnuts on the fire in the central square of Vignanello

Break with your own hands the crispy bread baked by an ancient oven in Genzano.

Be hypnotized by the thousand shades of wine among the vineyards of Frascati.
Follow the smell of cheek lard and pecorino across the alleys of Trastevere: there she is,

Her Majesty the Carbonara pasta.
The dishes of the Roman tradition:

timeless flavors

I piatti della tradizione romana: intramontabili sapori


Le emozioni enogastronomiche a Roma e nel Lazio sono moltissime. Certo, ti faremo scoprire dove mangiare dell’ottima cucina romana, ma nei nostri itinerari di arte e gusto a Roma ti porteremo oltre, in un viaggio che coinvolgerà il corpo e la mente. 

Con l’odore del brodo di pesce nelle narici, mentre un signore baffuto pulisce con scrupolo i suoi carciofi vicino al Portico d’Ottavia, ti sveleremo perché i piatti della tradizione romano-giudaica sono così intensamente legati alle vicende secolari di questo luogo.

Seguici poi in un viaggio sensoriale nella street food romana.

Il brusio dei vicoli di Trastevere sarà la tua colonna sonora fra un supplì (rigorosamente al telefono) e una poesia di Trilussa.

E se preferisci coccolare il tuo palato in completo relax, ti prepareremo un cestino picnic di prelibatezze, che potresti gustare fra i pini di Villa Borghese dopo una visita esclusiva alla Galleria.

Roma non è solo monumenti, ma un’esperienza intima col gusto.


The dishes of the Roman tradition: timeless flavors

The sensory experiences on food and wine in Rome and in the Lazio region are many. Surely, we will let you discover where to eat some excellent Roman cuisine, but our itineraries of art and taste in Rome will take you even further, on a journey that will engage your body and mind.

With the fragrance of fish broth in your nose, while a mustached man is scrupulously cleaning his artichokes close to the Porticus Octaviae, we will reveal why the dishes of the Roman-Jewish tradition are so intricately linked to the centuries-old history of this district.

Then, follow us on a sensory trip across Roman street food.

The sounds of the Trastevere alleys will be your personal soundtrack between a “supplì” (rigorously “al telefono”) and a poem by Trilussa.

And if you prefer treating your palate in total relax, we will prepare you a picnic basket full of delicacies, that you can enjoy under the pines of the Villa Borghese gardens, after an exclusive visit of the Galleria.

Rome is not only monuments, but also a deep dive into taste.

Outdoor trips across flavors and traditions in the Lazio region


Connoisseur or “nouveau” enthusiast of the wine of our region, treat yourself to an out of the ordinary experience among the wine cellars of the Lazio region

We will guide you across the wine and food traditions of the Tuscia and Castelli Romani areas, through wine tastings and food tours designed just for you. These evocative lands, rich of fragrances and colors, are far away from the mass tourism of the city. 

They are the ideal destination for a romantic getaway or a rejuvenating weekend a few kilometers away from the capital. Here, you will live authentically the flavors and traditions of the Lazio region, arousing your curiosity with long gone anecdotes. 

Discover the legend behind the name of the Est! Est! Est! wine during a romantic “aperitivo” in a vineyard, while the sun is setting on the rows of vines and the sounds of the night warm you even more than the hearth prepared for the evening. 

Otherwise, savor in the cheerful atmosphere of an ancient tavern the chestnut and porcino mushroom soup of Monti Cimini, a recipe that is deeply rooted in the medieval history of the region.

You will have the opportunity to discover the secrets behind the ancient bakeries of Genzano, so that you will be able to taste a product coming from a tradition of hundreds of years, and also to admire the sites that have produced this bread across centuries for the most ancient families of the territory.

mangiare i carciofi a roma
Colazione in vigna

Traveling in search of wonders and beauty does not only consist in admiring the treasures of art and nature of our territory, but also in tasting its traditional dishes, hearing poems in dialect echoing across the alleys, raising your cup in front of the same vines used to produce the wine filling it. In our food and wine tours, when you try a traditional dish, you don’t just taste its ingredients, but the entire history behind that dish. You will experience tradition in a whole new way, an authentic sensory journey across our lands. Let yourself be carried across taste and relax in a unique experience, discovering the flavors and genuine fragrances of Rome and the Lazio region.