Discover the magical and hidden places of Rome and of the Lazio region


Leaving on a journey to discover places that are magical, hidden, sometimes mysterious and unknown always stimulates your imagination.

Who did not dream, at least once, of an adventure in unexplored lands, one that offers unique experiences out of the usual touristy itineraries?

 This means you are willing to fully know and live the places you visit, be it a mysterious jungle or a new city to explore.

 Even some urban trekking or a simple walk across alleys can lead us to something unusual… it’s all about knowing the right alleys…


The other Rome


Tuning in with a city is not always simple, especially for Rome. A city that is beautiful, but also challenging, often disorienting. Even if you only focus on the monuments in the historical center, the risk is of getting stuck in crowded places.

If you are worried you will miss the Great Beauty, come try our exclusive experiences; and if your idea is to go a little out of the ordinary, to explore the city secrets, you are in the right place. It means you chose to discover this magical place, losing yourself across the less crowded streets, passing through alleys, finding yourself in private courtyards or entering the front gate of mysterious houses

There is indeed a hidden dimension of Rome, less common but not for this less beautiful and less rich of history.

Outside the box and away from mass tourism, there are so many magical and hidden places, ready to offer you unforgettable experiences off the beaten track.

Discovering the romantic side of the city and reliving the same Rome that bewitched Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron, diving into the Rome of contemporary art and culture with its combination of industrial architecture and artworks.

Feel seduced by the surreal liberty experiment characterizing some areas of the city or treat yourself to an immersive experience in the “upside down” of the city.

Also… what would it be like to wander off to the houses painted with the “graffite” technique in the Renaissance district, to enter the heart of the city in search of one of the most fascinating and less visited places in town? How would it be to discover underground Rome or its mysterious and arcane side?

A Rome you would not expect is hiding behind every corner. Magical places, full of history and of that special link holding together a city with many facets. Leave the main road… turn around the corner and launch yourself with us in the alleys of history, discovering a city with a thousand faces.

I luoghi misteriosi di Roma
I murales di roma
Visitare i mostri di bomarzo

…and the magical places outside of Rome


This desire of places that are magical, hidden, uncommon can be also fulfilled by moving out of the city, exploring the less known and explored parts of the Lazio region, ready to surprise you with its charm.

Abandoned towns, sea caves, mysterious lakes, unexplored paths, fascinating archaeological sites are waiting for you

Our tours will take you to discover lost cities, stone-cut paths, islands floating over the mysterious winter fog and radiant in the summer, shining in the shimmering light.

Even well-known destinations such as the “dying city” Civita di Bagnoregio, the Gardens of Bomarzo with its monsters or the twin lakes a few stops away from the capital are ready to surround you with a world of myths and legends, in a certain way still wrapped in mystery.

These are only some of the experiences you can live with us, exploring the “magical and hidden Lazio region”. A thousand breathtaking landscapes and a history thousands of years old are waiting for you in this land rich of places unknown to the most.