Traditions and folklore: festivals, traditions and rituals of a thousand colors

It is known that every land is rich of local traditions often celebrated through festivals. Who has not taken part to these events as a tourist? But it is completely different to live these traditions as immersive experiences, entering the heart of the places and people that preserved and continued those traditions.

Festivals celebrating food specialties, food products typical of specific Italian regions or religious and secular celebrations dating back to ancient times, repeating actions and rituals for generations, developing a timeless charm.

Lazio, land of traditions


In the artistic and cultural heritage of Italy we must also include its traditions, those rituals dating back to the ancient past. The Lazio region is rich of them, also as a cradle of civilization. We find them in every town, preserved as a treasure, often tied to spectacular festivals.

These are not common folk festivals; they are the soul of places and people keeping those traditions alive. Powerful links, rooted in history and in the culture of every single territory. Sharing with the locals the excitement and sense of belonging generated by these events is a priceless experience.

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a weekend in the Castelli Romani area and, in the occasion, also follow the Genzano Flower festival in its making, interacting with the “infioratori” masters?

Admiring the large flower compositions that made the city famous and tasting local products, waiting for the historical re-enactment and procession closing this evocative and ephemeral event, will leave you stunned.

Be charmed by the work behind the creation of the “Pugnaloni” during the Festival of “Madonna del Fiore” in Acquapendente, in the Tuscia region. These are marvelous flower and leaf mosaics on large wooden panels, which are carried in procession across the streets of the medieval town. 

In Orte, you will be able to meet one of the local “contrada” inhabitants and follow him step by step during the organization of the “Ottava di Sant’Egidio”, when each “contrada” (small city quarters) opens its tavern and stages the secrets of its cooking traditions. A unique experience that will allow you to live as a star an ancient festival already solemnized by Pope Boniface XI in 1396!  



…And the Roman traditions


Wandering through towns to discover the relationship between communities and places is surely a fascinating experience. But if you prefer not getting away from the Capital, you can enjoy gems that will take you right to the heart of the Roman spirit, even if many traditions softened in time. 

The “Festa de Noantri”- an event in honor of Giordano Bruno, recalling every year his story, his free thought and his connection to the city-, the festival of San Giovanni and the Witches night… 

These are only some of the traces showing how fragments of the Roman spirit are still alive in the big city… and if you feel attracted by the authenticity of papal Rome, you will be able to see it with your own eyes in front of the “Congresso degli Arguti” and of their cheeky and irreverent satire. Who were these characters armed of stingy comments? Well, what better way of discovering it than spending a day with them!

Infiorata di Genzano
Tradizioni Tuscia
“What is the fatal charm of Italy?
What do we find there that can be found nowhere else?
I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago.”

Erica Jong